How can an actuary assist you?

An actuary estimates the risks with regard to insurance and pensions. Important in this process is looking at the future systematically, making estimates and translating these into financial consequences.

Our actuaries mainly work on pensions and social security benefits. Issues that keep our actuaries busy are for example the pension gap, increase of retirement age and sustainability of the pension systems. We can advise and monitor you in this process, and we can make sure it is clearly communicated to those involved.

Our actuaries have a multi-disciplinary, pragmatic and expert approach. We contribute ideas in a creative way in order for you to find solutions.

Some concrete examples:

  • Drawing up cost analyses for pension and social security schemes
  • Calculating technical pension provisions
  • Valuations (reporting, financial statements, profitability analyses)
  • Solvency assessment of financial institutions such as insurers and pension funds; opinion on actuarial provisions
  • Assessment of, advice on, and study into assumptions (mortality tables, actuarial interest rate, etc.) of pension funds and insurers
  • Assessment of your pension scheme placed with an insurer, and advice upon renewal
  • Monitoring transitional schemes upon introduction of new legislation

For more information you can contact Alicia Hof.
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