How can an investment consultant assist you?

Our investment consultants give a completely independent advice about the organization of your asset management. They can guide you in formulating the risk appetite of your pension fund and drafting the investment guidelines.

They can also monitor your investment managers and analyze the performance objectively and compare it with the investment guidelines. Our investment consultants do not only look at the assets side, but also at the liabilities side of the balance sheet. This way we can monitor the development of the funded ratio and periodically report the causes of any increase or decrease.

Also the drafting and monitoring of procedures for asset management and reporting to the supervisor are part of our service.

Some concrete examples:

  • Monitoring the drafting of investment guidelines
  • Monitoring your investment managers’ compliance with the investment guidelines
  • Monitoring the selection of investment managers and fiduciary managers
  • Monitoring the funded ratio and reporting about the causes of any increase or decrease
  • Drafting and monitoring procedures for the implementation of the investment management

For more information you can contact Nathalie Houwaart.
+31 (0)6 23 92 66 13