How can a governance specialist assist you?

Our governance specialists focus on effective governance. They deal with expertise and competences of both individual board members and the governing body as a whole. If you want your organization to be more efficient in order for you as a board member to better focus on strategic issues and policy, then our governance specialists can assist and monitor you in this process.

Furthermore within governance we focus on legal and regulatory compliance: are all your legal documents complete and up to date, and do they constitute a whole. We can help you draft and update your legal documents, such as your pension regulations, funding agreement and actuarial and technical business report, and your agreements with third parties as well. We furthermore draw up procedures to monitor your future compliance with rules and regulations as well.

Some concrete examples:

  • Advising and monitoring regarding an efficient organization
  • Drawing up a suitable expertise plan and training plan
  • Arranging specific trainings for expertise development
  • Analyzing legal documents and testing these with rules and regulations, current accuracy and mutual correlation
  • Drawing up legal documents and formulating policy due to changes in rules and regulations

For more information you can contact Margo Lelieveld.
+31 (0)6 – 302 822 13