How can a risk manager assist you?

One of the most important challenges for pension funds and insurers is controlling risks. We monitor board, management and supervisors when formulating the Risk Management Framework.

Our risk managers identify the risks and formulate the desired control measures and policy together with you. In that process it is important to identify the risk appetite and the desired extent of controlling the risks. Our risk managers are specialized in controlling both the financial and the non-financial risks. We make procedures for monitoring and desired risk control.

Some concrete examples:

  • Organizing workshops in which the risk are identified and the desired control measures are formulated
  • Analyzing your organization in order to list the risks present at all levels and the control measures
  • Prioritizing control measures: which risk have the largest impact and probability, which risks require the most urgent control, and which impact can be expected from the control measures
  • Drafting and implementing procedures
  • Monitoring the compliance of the control measures and its effectiveness

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