The people of Montae are really nice people, I’m glad I work with them. Other firms often show really commercial behavior. Montae is no-nonsense. Just hard work with results. You notice that when you deal with the consultants, despite the different fields of expertise and type of assignments.

Mark Bakker, Director Investments & Treasury Stichting Algemeen Pensioenfonds Aruba

Montae played a crucial role both in the founding and the further organization of Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland. The Montae advisors are very capable, committed and they act and think professionally. Montae provides board support services for PCN, and not only do they carry out a lot of work on behalf of the board, it also anticipates on future developments in a timely manner and shows continuously how the fund can improve. Partly thanks to Montae’s contribution and commitment, PCN managed to establish a very solid organization that is unique when it comes to reliability, soundness of board as well as a high level of client service.

Harald Linkels, Chairman PCN

For our relatively small pension fund, Montae is an important source of knowledge and support, both on strategic and policy-based issues, and on the operational support.

Arthur Theunissen, Chairman Heinz Pension Fund

Montae assisted Mediq N.V. during the modification of the pension situation. Montae stood out in a positive way due to their many relevant fields of expertise (actuarial services, asset management, legal, communication); the practical approach and flexibility; the focus on performance and the experience in this type of assignments.

Hans Janssen, CFO Mediq N.V.

Montae was the four-eyes principle, or as they say in the pension community: the countervailing power. It is a good thing that, when dealing with the fiduciairy manager, the board is not only supported by it owns service office, but also by an external party.

Rob Braaksma, HIBIN pension fund